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(I hope I have guessed the up / down. I followed the direction of gravity I inspired by the subject. Brixner Moreover, even the magazine published twice a picture of another painting by Hannes Vonmetz, and has at least one upside down. This recurrence of the difficulty of giving a certain position size to many works of this painter could perhaps be an interesting element of critical evaluation)

So, all in the City Gallery to admire the exhibition of promising young Hannes Vonmetz. But here I do not want the criticism, nor did I ever claim. I just reported that this exhibition has been another episode of favoritism in favor of a 'caste' that is invading their comfortable places (and taking advantage of money) public. In a press conference I titled "The Art of Favor" I made public this little malpractice. The article below appeared on Altoadige . This resulted in the complete family Vonmetz took my greeting, and the article was made DISAPPEAR for months from the archive of the online newspaper who has worked for years Vonmetz dad. E 'reappeared a few days. After I filed a complaint with a prosecutor in Bolzano. See case.
Hey, webmaster, you know something? And the director, Sergio Baraldi?

The young reporter (and perhaps a pupil of the veteran Vonmetz) Luca Masiello added a little 'personal interpretation of what has been said (you can compare with the report of Dolomiten ), but in substance the complaint is clear. The artistic quality of the child Vonmetz not have been brought into play on the occasion. I would like to point out instead of in the body are already incorporated the comments of the father and injured Dario Stablum (which was still the Head of Culture of Bressanone in Italian), and both were not present the press conference. I mean, who have not had to wait for the publication of the article to make their comments. No, they have benefited from the preview. Maybe they could also correct some errors in spelling. But we're just talking about favors ....

It is not that the matter had been painless for me. Since I clearly said to the Trustee Pergher that it was blatant favoritism (it was April 2009), the war had begun to make me even to the Circle S. Erard (do not say that it is a 'park cattle', but he was appointed President Stablum This year the Assembly by acclamation), trying to get me to resign from the Civic Curatorium. Memorable expression made in order to enter in the minutes of the Executive in November 2009 by the President pro tempore of the Circle, Paternoster, then surprisingly resigned, including the name

'The President shall inform the Executive , have received in confidence the starting point of meditation, that would be in the club, having as a representative in the Committee of the Galleria Civica, a bilingual person, so you can catch every detail of what is being discussed.''

identically, including punctuation. I will manage it with the beat of Alberto Sordi, 'I do not have with you, I have it with your teacher who gave you promoted to second grade! "Maybe here to grant an extra bonus for bilingual ... blunders
chatter that become the bar, they said then. I'd be curious to know how many coffees have got together and Paternoster Pergher
... But then you think that the President of an Association seriously (let alone artists, for pleasure) to devise an excuse so stupid? I had been butchered so much that do not attack the posters of the exhibitions, not properly followed the organization of 'preview', but what he needed was a reason why I resigned from the Board and accordingly Curatorium , because if I had been revoked would have to explain why they shared. Obviously they could not tell me that I was indigestible to some 'godfather', so it was given birth to the monster. In a bar, to be precise.

way, at the Art Gallery Adler in 2010 there are still three of the five available spaces for which the annual City (Stablum 04.09.2008, looks a bit ') has signed the Convention to facilitate the young local talent. We are in November. Either there are no young people, or no talent, or there are local .... S. Erard ask for information. This year the appropriation of the City in their favor was € 4000 (apart from contributions from the Province). They are in 4th place by the amount received on 41 cultural organizations that receive public funds. Although the article was talking about these figures Altoadige was made to disappear for months online archive of everyday life, only to reappear miraculously after the complaint. The 2010 budget for exhibitions organized by Pergher (8, including one behind closed doors!) Was approved for 64,000 €.
And as was made by the Curatorium, which published the exhibition program for 2010? Let's see:
P├╝rgstaller (it's very open and relies on 'experts' choices ...)
Stablum (the word)
Kronbichler (wrote criticism, indeed very honest, the last exhibition of the Leonardo di Bolzano Vonmetz. I have asked him as a friend, given that modern art is not exactly his field). ;
Sommavilla (is booked for 2011 for a celebration of his 60th birthday)
Pergher (same as Stablum)
addition to me , of course.

"The Art of Favor"


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